Two Worlds, One Story

An Indigenous professional development course



A unique team building experience…

If you’re looking for a way to provide your team with a better appreciation and understanding of Aboriginal culture, then enrolling them in our corporate program, ‘Two Worlds, One Story’ is a great way to start.
The Gravity Discovery Centre & Observatory offer this unique and enlightening experience where your team can gain a better understanding of the link between Indigenous culture and spirituality to western culture and science.
The sessions are run by respected Noongar Aboriginal Elders and participants will be immersed in the lessons from the Caterpillar dreaming. The sessions will centre around;

  • The origins of the Universe
  • Navigation
  • Science
  • Stories
  • Life lessons
  • Astronomy

This unique experience provides tools for living life with enhanced connectedness and an expanded mindset and can be attended by up to 50 team members. The Indigenous learning portion of the day will run from 1pm until 7:30. Dinner will be catered for during this time. Guests will then head over to our observatory for an unforgettable stargazing experience.

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