The Gravity Discovery Centre is fast becoming one of Perth’s most popular tourist destinations.

Only a short drive north of the Perth CBD, the Gravity Discovery Centre offers a wide variety of activities for all ages and interest groups, from families to backpackers and eco tourists. Situated amongst pristine bushland in a world wide recongnised biodiversity hotspot, the amazing Flora and Fauna you may encounter on one of our bush walks is truly breathtaking, especially the wildflowers during spring.

Children as well as adults will be thrilled when climbing the Leaning Tower of Gingin. Reaching the very top and dropping water balloons or just enjoying the view is a memorable adventure for the whole family!

For those among you who love art, especially indigenous art, don’t miss our wonderful exhibitions in the Cosmology Gallery.However, science is the reason we are here!

However, science is the reason we are here!

Attached to the Australian International Gravitational Observatory, which is one of 6 active gravity wave research stations in the world, our passion here at the GDC is to talk science, technology, latest research and how they may impact your everyday life.

Tourists Attractions

GDC is a world-class science education facility uniquely specializing in gravity and cosmology. Visits inspire guests to ask big questions about our universe and how science dominates our lives.


Daytime tours are through galleries/exhibits and external spaces, whilst night-time comprises guided stargazing tours through telescopes in the Observatory and Aboriginal astronomy under the stars. Visitors can choose to learn and explore at their own pace or get involved in guided tours with expert hosts.

Excursions, Incursions, recources and more. The Gravity Discovery Centre is all about education.