National Science Week: How to Make Gold

On the 18th and 19th of August 2018, the Einstein-First Project are presenting a free program for National Science Week that will explore the creation of gold in our universe!

The event will be held at the OzGrav Research Centre in Gingin, next to the Gravity Discovery Centre. This is a fantastic opportunity to see a real research facility, plus engage in some exciting science activities for National Science Week! These activities include;

  • Mini-lectures and stand alone videos: A simple presentation explaining the story of the origin and properties of gold.
  • Create your own gravitational waves in our space-time simulator: In this activity, the audience will experiment with the many complex gravitational interactions that lead to the formation of neutron stars and the gravitational waves they create.
  • Virtual reality experience of neutron star collisions. Using OzGrav’s specially designed VR experience, developed at Swinburne University, people will be able to use our VR headsets and be there in space with the neutron stars: Using a cardboard and mobile phone, audience will get an experience of collision of two neutron stars.
  • Tour to Zadko Telescope: Visit UWA’s premier robotic optical telescope, the Zadko Telescope which saw the light of gold production burst, thus it will be a good opportunity for the general public to have be up close to the Zadko Telescope.
  • The Gravitational Wave Orchestra: Conducted by professional musicians, everyone will be able to participate in the gravitational wave orchestra, using slide whistles or their own voices. Everyone will learn how the universe is no longer silent, and how our new ability to hear gravity wave sounds is going to revolutionise our understanding of the universe.

The event is free but bookings are required. You can reserve your tickets here .

Or for more information contact Jyoti Kaur,

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