Koorda Starry Nights Weekend 23rd and 24th April 2021

The Gravity Discovery Centre & Observatory along with the Koorda Community presents a weekend of Starry Nights.

Proudly sponsored by Tourism WA


DayTimeSession Detail
Session 19.00 – 3.00Free presentation at Local School/ Solar Observing
Friday Night
Session 27.30 – 9.30Community Astronomy Night.
Session 39.00 – 5.00Astro Photography Exhibition
Session 410.00 – 11.30General Astronomy Classes – Part One
Session 511.00 – 12.00Rocket Making (kids)
Session 612.00 – 2.00Solar Viewing
Session 71.00 – 2.30General Astronomy Classes – Part Two
Session 84.00 – 6.00Astroscape Photography Class
Session 94.00 – 6.00Tame your Telescope class
Saturday Night
Session 107.30 – 9.30Astroscape Practical Session
Session 117.30 – 9.30Local Aboriginal Astronomy Storytelling and Telescope viewing – Shaun Nannup
Session 127.30 – 9.30Tame your Telescope Practical Session

GDC Observatory & AES Live Facebook Astronomy

Join Head Astronomer, Rick Tonello, for some really fun and interesting Astronomy. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights, at 8.00 pm, Rick is showing off the night sky from his back yard.

On Friday’s at 1.00 pm you can follow the solar viewing sessions.

All sessions are free and live streamed on Facebook. Join in the fun.


The Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory will be closed until the 14th February. Although lockdown restrictions have been eased, the centre is located outside the Perth/Peel region and therefore is not accessible to the majority of our visitors.

All going well, we will be open on Sunday the 14th February and we look forward to welcoming everyone back.

We will be posting regular updates on our social media. Please continue to look after yourself and your loved ones and email us at or call us on 08 9575 7577 if you would like to contact the Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory.