Gingin Science Festival, presented by ACT, BELONG, COMMIT, Healthway

The Gravity Discovery Centre, is excited be involved in the inaugural Gingin Science Festival from August 14th – September 19th 2015

Celebrating, the Centenary of General Relativity and the International year of Light, The GDC will host the Light of Einstein Exhibition and there will be various venues across the Gingin shire, showcasing science in many different ways.

The historic Gingin Railway Station will have a comprehensive exhibition of the famous Wallal Exhibition that proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in 1922.


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Music at the GDC

The GDC will is privileged to welcome Carter & Carter, Golden Guitar winners, to a performance at the GDc during the Science festival. Bookings will be open soon for the concert on the 22nd August 2015, so watch this space for further information as it becomes available and mark your calendars.

Wildflowers at the GDC

Staff at the GDC have noticed the first of the wildflowers appearing already. The beautiful wildflowers, for which the area is well known are already peeping through  and will be joined in December by Christmas Trees and Morrison flowers. These Morrison shrubs flower in a brilliant golden bloom and provides visitors with a spectacular show and the GDC’s driveway is flanked by the Morrisons giving the entry its own sunshine corridor. Slender and firewood banksias are attractive all year round, and lots are appearing daily now, so the GDC is well worth a visit from now on for the wildflower enthusiasts.

Bring your cameras

Rocket News at the GDC

The GDC will run the exciting water rocket program again this July schools holiday. In anticipation, we provide the following information about water rockets

A model rocket is subjected to four forces in flight; weight, thrust, and the aerodynamic forces, lift and drag. There are many different types of model rockets. One of the first and simplest type of rocket is the bottle, or water rocket. The water rocket system consists of two main parts, the launcher and the rocket. The flight of a water rocket is similar to the flight of a compressed air rocket with one important exception. The mass of the bottle rocket varies during the flight because of the exhausting water plume.

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April School Holiday Activities

April School Holiday Activities

Tuesday 7th April 2015 – Friday 17th April 2015

Monday to Friday only

(please note we are closed on Good Friday and there will be no program on Easter Monday, although the GDC will be open)

11.00 am – 3.00 pm

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Anzac day long weekend opening hours

We are open every day during the ANZAC Day Long Weekend!

10am to 4pm

Saturday, 25th April, 2015

Sunday, 26th April, 2015

Monday, 27th April, 2015

Our tour guide will be on site all weekend and will be giving regular guided tours over the 3 days.