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To view video of model rocket launches click here and here

To view video of watermelons fallling from the tower click here

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Put Gravity to the test!

Wow! Your own leaning tower right here in WA, at the GDC! Climb all the way to the top and drop water filled balloons. Check it out on this video by David Bonham taken with a high speed camera!

Gravity at work




Walk to the End of our Solar System

solar system cartoon



It is your mission to travel through the solar system! On this 1km walk, each of your footsteps represents about 6 million kilometers in reality. You will find all the distances exactly to scale, as if you were traveling in your own space ship through space. Beware, space travelers, as you reach the outer limits of our solar system, there is lots of empty space. This activity is a fantastic family learning experience, and includes life like models of planets and moons along the way.

Take a clipboard, pencil and a copy of the Solar System Walk Quiz (from reception) for an extra family challenge!

Solar System Walk

Solar System Walk






Awesome Science Exhibits

The GDC has so many cool hands-on science experiments and displays for you to get involved in. Test your strength on the magnetic pole. listen to your own drum through the sound coil. Test your weight on different planets. Watch how your own tennis ball is sucked into the giant black hole. Are you brave? Stand on the edge of the magnetic pendulum. And lots more….

  • Can you handle G Forces? Take a ride in our space capsule and find out.







  • Experience the Big Bang and see how our Universe was formed

Big Bang Theory




And if you are anything like us at the GDC, then you will have lots of questions on how the universe works.

Why don’t we fall off the Earth (especially here in Australia)11

What does gravity do and what’s a gravity wave all about?

When was our Universe born?

Who is this Einstein guy everyone talks about?

How old is our planet earth and will it last forever?

Are we really made out of Stardust?

What is a Zygomaturus Trilobus and is he still around today…    and what does Spaghettify mean??

We have all the answers to these questions and squillions more right here for you at the GDC. It’s cool to want to know stuff.

check out the NASA website for other space stuff!!

School Holiday Fun!

Don’t be bored over the school holidays, come and join in the fun activities – we have something new and exciting every holiday!!!

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