SEE Project

Science Education Enrichment (SEE) Project

The Science Education Enrichment (SEE) project is a collaboration between the Gravity Discovery Centre, the Graham Polly Farmer Foundation (GPFF), and tertiary institutions. Its purpose is to increase the effectiveness of science enrichment education. The GDC, as a centre of science enrichment education, will be used throughout the project as a means to identify, test and improve the effectiveness of science education enrichment experiences. School students and teachers involved in the project will assist researchers via their experiences at the Gravity Discovery Centre, and classroom activities. Students have the potential to be involved in a range of cultural, scientific and astronomy projects.

The SEE project was created as a response to a perceived drop in world wide scientific literacy, especially in developed nations. Our world is deeply dependent on technologies provided by scientific activity. It needs scientific literacy in order to maintain and improve global quality of life.

The SEE project aims to raise scientific literacy by placing Science in context with contemporary cultures and environment. The project will use indigenous and cultural stories of the origin and nature of the universe and cosmos. It uses hands on experiences with exhibits demonstrating Einstein’s theories of space and time, and provides the option for students to take part in real scientific research.

Teachers interested in participating in this project are encouraged to contact the education manager at the Gravity Discovery Centre, and to view the information link below.

The SEE Project