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The main objective of the GDC is to provide a stimulating and engaging science education program for students.  We aim to inspire students to aspire to careers in Science, and to ignite a passion for Science in students of all ages. Secondary Education Programs focus on freefall experiments from the Leaning Tower, physics experiments using large equipment, Einstein’s general theory of relativity, and Science as a Human Endeavour. Students learn about our place in the Universe.

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Rocket Science Made Easy – Model rocketry, water propelled rockets, rocket science and hands-on activities. This practical, fun and engaging session is the perfect introduction to rocketry and the basics of rocket science. A fantastic 45-50 minute session which can be repeated throughout the day to suit your timetable.

DSC04895Rocket Making An intensive 2 hour workshop in which students build, design and launch their own bottle rockets. This is an engaging hands-on session for understanding the basics of rocket science. Session includes solid propellant rockets and video footage from rock-cam for your school.

Einstein’s Gravity – NEW in 2014 Fascinating, informative and inspiring. This incursion uses a large flexible model of the universe to replicate gravitational wells, curved space and orbital paths of objects in space. Additional resources are used in practical hands-on experiments to educate students about how Einstein’s theory of gravity is applicable to us. Suitable for years 7-10 Science and years 11-12 Physics. Includes curriculum links.

Origins of the Universe – NEW - Suitable for years 9-10 and Physics 11-12. How did the Universe originate? Where have we come from? Studying the Big Bang in year 10 with your students? This interesting session will assist you in teaching the curriculum.

Incursion programs are suitable for a range of group sizes and all ages. Cost $5 per student, or $10 per student for Rocket Making (Minimum costs apply).

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Teacher resources, student worksheets and lesson ideas are available in the Teacher Resources section.

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