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The main objective of the GDC is to provide exciting and inspiring science education programs. We aim to ignite students’ interest in Science. Primary Education Programs focus on science, gravity, the Solar System and beyond.
Students perform freefall experiments from the Leaning Tower, engage with interactive exhibits and displays, and learn about our Sun, solar energy and our Solar System.
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Rocket Science Made Easy

Model rocketry, water propelled rockets, rocket science and hands-on activities. This practical, fun and engaging session is the perfect introduction to rocketry and the basics of rocket science. A fantastic 45-50 minute session which can be repeated throughout the day to suit your timetable.

Rocket Making 

An intensive 2 hour workshop in which students build, design and launch their own bottle rockets. This is an engaging hands-on session for understanding the basics of rocket science.


Einstein’s Gravity

Fascinating, informative, inspiring! This incursion uses a large flexible model of the universe to replicate gravitational wells, curved space and orbital paths of objects in space. It involves practical hands-on experiments using additional resources. Suitable for upper primary and secondary students.


Our Solar System

Discover our Solar System, planet orbits, phases of the moon, scale and distance and orbital phases. It involves fun hands-on activities using engaging equipment in indoor and outdoor activities. This session can be tailored to suit your requirements and suited to fit a shorter or longer session. This is a great opportunity for discussion and questions (45-90 mins).


Origins of the Universe

This workshop involves a discussion and presentation on the origins of our Universe. It is suitable years 10-12. It can be adapted in a longer session to include Einsteinian Physics in a 2 hour session. This incursion links well to the Science curriculum in year 10 (50 mins).


Incursion programs are suitable for a range of group sizes and all ages.
Cost $5 per student, or $10 per student for extended sessions (minimum costs apply.)
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