Teacher Feedback

An excursion feedback survey is collected from both teachers and students following every school visit to the centre. In 2012 the collated feedback data provides strong evidence that Gravity Discovery Centre education programs are fulfilling and exceeding expectations and outcomes for both teachers and students. The results for teacher feedback gathered from school excursions to the centre in 2012 are:

98% – would recommend the excursion program to others

100% - the program was clearly and informatively presented

96% – was relevant to the Australian Curriculum – Science

98% – useful in increasing students’ enthusiasm towards science

Student Feedback

Student feedback surveys are collected for all primary and secondary school excursions from year 3 upwards. The results for student feedback gathered from school excursions to the centre in 2012 are:

81% - the excursion was better than expected

83% – was clearly and interestingly presented

75% – taught me that scientists are searching for answers to things I don’t know


National Youth Science Forum 2012

Comments from students attending from the National Youth Science Forum in January 2012:

Rocked our beliefs in Newtonian Physics, however it blew me away to see the never-ending possibility. Loved the hands-on experiments. (5/5)

Fantastic centre which demonstrated complicated ideas quite simply with everyday objects. (5/5)


Other comments

The kids had a fantastic day, there was so much for them to take in.  Several parents had said that their child felt that it was one of the best excursions they had been on.  They really enjoyed every aspect of the day.  Our classes are currently writing reports about the excursion and are quite focussed on that as well….It is a great centre with many wonderful hands on activities.
(Mt Claremont PS)
Thanks so much for having our group yesterday. It was a great day and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. They were raving about it all the way back to school. The rockets were an added bonus! Your staff were so friendly and helpful throughout the whole day which added to the experience….Thank you for facilitating a fantastic day for the students and teachers.
(St Kieran Catholic Primary School)
The students and staff had a great day. This group seemed to enjoy the day even more than previous groups. Thanks to all your staff – in particular Peter Wallis and yourself and Carol, Donna and Grant at the observatory.
(International Study Centre, The University of Western Australia)
Our day was a great success. The students enjoyed it and seem very engaged in the activities. The rocket launches were a nice surprise (and a good example of energy being changed from one form to another). The activities on offer fitted well with our Science theme for the semester – Energy and Change.
(Padbury HS)
Many thanks for a very interesting program. The lycra / golf ball set-up was particularly helpful for our next lesson on Spacecraft Gallileo getting to Jupiter!
(St Augustine Christian College)