National Science Week: How to Make Gold

On the 18th and 19th of August 2018, the Einstein-First Project are presenting a free program for National Science Week that will explore the creation of gold in our universe!

The event will be held at the OzGrav Research Centre in Gingin, next to the Gravity Discovery Centre. This is a fantastic opportunity to see a real research facility, plus engage in some exciting science activities for National Science Week! These activities include;

  • Mini-lectures and stand alone videos: A simple presentation explaining the story of the origin and properties of gold.
  • Create your own gravitational waves in our space-time simulator: In this activity, the audience will experiment with the many complex gravitational interactions that lead to the formation of neutron stars and the gravitational waves they create.
  • Virtual reality experience of neutron star collisions. Using OzGrav’s specially designed VR experience, developed at Swinburne University, people will be able to use our VR headsets and be there in space with the neutron stars: Using a cardboard and mobile phone, audience will get an experience of collision of two neutron stars.
  • Tour to Zadko Telescope: Visit UWA’s premier robotic optical telescope, the Zadko Telescope which saw the light of gold production burst, thus it will be a good opportunity for the general public to have be up close to the Zadko Telescope.
  • The Gravitational Wave Orchestra: Conducted by professional musicians, everyone will be able to participate in the gravitational wave orchestra, using slide whistles or their own voices. Everyone will learn how the universe is no longer silent, and how our new ability to hear gravity wave sounds is going to revolutionise our understanding of the universe.

The event is free but bookings are required. You can reserve your tickets here .

Or for more information contact Jyoti Kaur,

Walbrininy comes to the GDC

The Gravity Discovery Centre (GDC) in Gingin is teaming up with performance artists Genrefonix for an amazing show made especially for National Science Week 2018. Walbrininy, a completely new and original musical production, suitable for all ages, will be performed at the GDC on Saturday 11 August and Sunday 12 August.

Through ‘sci-fi’ film sequences, live music, and Indigenous storytelling, a mind-boggling world of spirallingneutron stars will be uncovered, demonstrating how Earth’s scientists are now ‘listening to the universe’.

The show’s innovative format explores these new frontiers of astronomy and delivers fresh, fun and fanciful tales from distant worlds, as well as pausing to look in our own back yard. The inspiring GDC venue will be fully exploited with audiences journeying throughout the award-winning facility.

Not-to-be-missed highlights include the spectacular arrival of a VIA (Very Important Alien) and spaceship! The interstellar traveller will be landing at the GDC to provide knowledge, wisdom, fun and entertainment and to raise questions; encouraging thinking about space sciences and the long-held knowledge of the world’s first astronomers.

In Noongar language the concept of ‘walbrininy’ means total wellbeing, all encompassing, everything connected and right. In musical terms we might think of this as harmony. In the show Walbrininy is reimagined as a fictional planet, existing 130 million years ago, in a far-flung galaxy, bound by the harmonic gravitational pull of two spiralling neutron stars.

‘Walbrininians’ were deeply spiritual beings intimately connected to their spinning suns, highly aware that these ‘quantum monsters’ would eventually meet and combine, concluding their cosmic dance in a blazing ‘kilanova’ whose symphonic explosion would be felt and heard across the universe. We eventually heard it here on Earth, just a couple of years ago!

One famous Walbrininian, our VIA, was dispatched on a C60 carbon spaceship just prior to the kilanova engulfing the planet. Its mission was to find and make connections with like-minded beings across the universe. It has been looking for us! We hope…

Luckily for Earth we are prepared. Our brightest scientists, including teams at Gingin, detected the kilonova’s gravitational wave as it passed through us on 17 August 2017. We called it GW170817 and celebrated the spoils of 100 years of international scientific endeavour.

But has our planet’s understanding of the universe evolved enough to capitalise on this momentous visit? Will an alien that has been travelling since the dreamtime be impressed by our achievements in this pokey little corner of the Milky Way? Is there something we’ve missed?

Join our ground crew: GDC’s lead astronomer Rick Tonello, Noongar Elder Noel Nannup, the Moorditj Mob dancers, and space rockers Genrefonix for a musical celebration and welcome party for our new alien friend. Receive intergalactic wisdom and see the amazing sights and sounds of the universe in a theatrical production that is out of this world and only one hour from Perth!

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Neutron Star Collision

Neutron Stars Collide

showing the world new Astronomy discoveries

Two neutron stars colliding have been detected by a gravitational wave signal, radio wave signals and optical telescopes around the world.

This multi-communication detection offers the science, astronomy and enthusiasts worlds many new opportunities to understand previous elusive universe questions.

Australian scientists again play a role.

The Zadko Telescope here on site, has detected the Neutron star collision

Come along to the GDC to find out more about gravitational waves, neutron star collisions and our involvement with this discovery. 




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Gravity Discovery Centre

GDC Observatory

Observatory Stargazing Nights

rick ob nights

Come along on a Friday or Saturday evening (7.30pm-9.30pm) for a night of stargazing with our expert astronomers. View the constellations, exploded stars and more with Western Australia’s largest telescope.

Prices are as follows
ADULT : $45
CHILD (5-15 years) : $28
CHILD (0-4 years) : FREE

Family Packages are available                  Booking is essential

Call 95757577 or email to book your spot !


Gravity Discovery Centre

GDC Observatory

Opening Hours -APRIL 2018 School Holidays

April School Holiday Program 

11.00 am – 1.30 pm / Mon-Fri

(Monday 16th April 2018-  Friday 27th April 2018)

                                                                                                      Gravity Discovery Centre:  Open 10.00 am – 4.00 pm (7 Days)

No Bookings required

GDC Observatory: Friday and Saturday nights for public viewing 7.30 pm – 9pm
(Bookings essential)


April School Holiday Program begins on Monday 16th April 2018.

Mon/Wed/Fri – Rocket Making and Launching 11 am-1.30 pm

Tues/Thurs – Solar kids 11 am – 1.30 pm


information for June-July school holidays to follow

Radheya Jegatheva, of Perth Modern School presenting an image of ‘The Kip Thorne Tree’ to Professor Kip Thorne at the Raw Science Film Festival

Radheya Jegatheva, of Perth Modern School, recently won the Best Youth Film Award and the Janet Ivey-Duensing Permission to Dream Award. As a resut he attended the Raw Science Film Festival @ 20th Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles on the 10th of December 2016 where he was presented with his prize. Radheya was able to present an image of ‘The Kip Thorne Tree’ located at the Gravity Discovery Centre, to Professor Kip Thorne. The image was delivered to Professor Thorne on behalf of Professor Ian McArthur, Professor David Blair, The School of Physics UWA, The Australian International Gravitational Research Centre and The Gravity Discovery Centre.

If you would like to see the ‘Kip Thorne Tree’ you can visit the Gravity Discovery Centre.

Enquiries to (08) 9575 7577 or email

Stargazing Special

To celebrate the opening of the new GDC Observatory, Gingin we are offering a Family Pass for 2 Adults and 2 Children a super special of only $95! (Normally $123)

When booking online, use the promo code SS2015


 Valid from Friday, 9th of October, 2015 to Sunday, 8th of November, 2015.


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Testimonials – Group Bookings

Thinking about making a Group Booking?

Here’s a review from one of our happy customers who booked his club in for a Guided Tour and Lunch.


“Hi Melissa,

I would like to thank you for looking after our Group yesterday. We enjoyed the visit very much, in particular the very nice lunch and the excellent guided tour. I would like to come back with my wife and see the things I missed due to lack of time.

The Centre is a great asset to WA and Australia, and I hope that more people visit and come to find out more about this amazing and wonderful planet and universe we live in.

Best Wishes

Rob Nunn

President – Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club.”



Gingin Science Festival, presented by ACT, BELONG, COMMIT, Healthway

The Gravity Discovery Centre, is excited be involved in the inaugural Gingin Science Festival from August 14th – September 19th 2015

Celebrating, the Centenary of General Relativity and the International year of Light, The GDC will host the Light of Einstein Exhibition and there will be various venues across the Gingin shire, showcasing science in many different ways.

The historic Gingin Railway Station will have a comprehensive exhibition of the famous Wallal Exhibition that proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in 1922.


Check out for more information.

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