The Biodiversity Gallery is located beside Stargazer’s Cafe as you enter the centre. In it you can see some of our local mini beasts (in some cases not so mini) and plants. Specimens of insects and plants have been prepared for you to examine under a microscope. The SW region of WA is regarded as one of the world’s biodiversity “hotspots”. Local bushland surrounding the centre is inhabited by rare, wonderful and endangered species of plants and animals. The gallery aims to celebrate the rich diverstity of plant and animal species in the area.

Insect specimens such as this Native Bee, have been submersed in resin for you to view under microscope. Samples of local wildflowers are also captured for examination and display. We encourage visitors and school students to become a biologist for a day by investigating the plant and animal samples in the Biodiversity Gallery in greater detail!

Short Biodiversity Walks around the site enable you to view the diversity of plant species in a pleasant short stroll.  Ancient paperbark trees, aging back to between 800 and 1000 years old exist in the area beside the Leaning Tower.