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Discover the Wonders of Our Universe

We are not light years away…. only 1 hour north of Perth.

Visit Western Australia’s only interactive Astronomy and Science Centre which allows you to get up close and personal with SKA and the Murchison Wide Field Array!


 Whether you are 5 or 50, we have lots of fun, hands-on activities for you to enjoy and explore…..


Explore the Big Bang and the Evolution of our Universe


Discover the origins of our Universe by travelling back through space to the beginning of time. Explore the Big Questions. Are we really made from Stardust? How do black holes work and why is space curved?

Gravity – It’s not an option, it’s THE LAW


Imagine life without gravity… While gravity is the puniest force in the Universe, without it there would be no structure. Planets would not stay in their orbits, and we would be floating in space. In fact, planets, suns and moons would not DSC_0071exist. Neither would we!

Find out about the amazing gravitational wave research conducted at AIGO (Australian International Gravitational observatory) located at our Gravity Precinct site.

Space – the Ultimate Adventure


Space travel requires us to overcome gravity and deal with low gravity environments in space. How much would we weigh if we could stand on the surface of other planets? 

Watch Rockets launched, travel on a space capsule, get close to a black hole, and many more exiting activities.

Modern Science – Inspired by Human Curiosity

Modern science is part of our every day lives. It has led us to amazing discoveries.  Bigger telescopes allow us to look further back in time.  Discoveries about our Universe are occurring all the time. Will we be living on distant planets in the future? Meet the father of modern science, Albert Einstein. Explore our local bushland and discover the wonders of our native biodiversity.


Multicultural Cosmology – Get a New Perspective in our Cosmology Gallery

            One Universe—One Planet

Humans have been trying to explain our existence in the Universe since the beginning of time. Discover  creation stories from different cultures told through art. Humans are the custodians of one tiny planet in an awesome Universe. Let’s look after it together.



Latest News

We are open every day during the ANZAC Day Long Weekend!

10am to 4pm
Saturday, 25th April, 2015
Sunday, 26th April, 2015
Monday, 27th April, 2015
Our tour guide will be on site all weekend and will be giving regular guided tours over the 3 days.

An Australian Shaman Exhibition

We have a new Indigenous Art exhibition in our Cosmology Gallery.

For more information, please Click Here.


Gingin Science Festival 

The Gravity Discover Centre and Gingin Community are planning a Gingin Science Festival for the Spring of 2015 as part of National Science Week. The Festival will continue for 4 weeks with events, activities and exhibitions throughout the region.

For more information, please contact exhibitions@gravitycentre.com.au